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Mojo is mojo, but this is getting ridiculous.

In my last post, I described the talk I gave on the history of the Nevis estate. It was the result of several weeks of work (which my boss probably would prefer I spent on physics).

Today, I'm putting back the old reports I took out of the Nevis library for my research. I move aside a chair... and find several looseleaf notebooks I hadn't seen before. They contain lots and lots of photographs of the early days of the Nevis synchrocyclotron, press releases and descriptions of the cyclotron written for the general public [1], and so on. If I'd seen them before, I would have used them in my talk.

Maybe it's for the best. I sweated blood to get that talk down to 45 minutes. I left out the story of the greenhouse, and the story of the garden, and the story of the copper beach, and the story of the darkroom, and...

Anyway, it would just have given me more to cut out.

It won't go to waste. The office administrator is thinking of making the old Nevis stables into a Visitors Center, with exhibits on both the history and science of Nevis. Eventually the material from my talk, along with much more that I left out or discovered, will find its way there.

The same thing has happened with Isaac's biography. New material keeps coming up, leading to more questions, leading to more people to interview.

With this mojo, I half-expected to see a picture of Isaac among the Nevis photos. Fortunately, he wasn't in there. Plenty of skinny geeks with glasses, but none of them were Isaac.

Wait... is he in any of the pictures my mother took at the 1997 party my mother gave for me at Nevis? Now I have to look.

[1] I bet you want to know what a synchrocyclotron is, don't you? Well, the people of Irvington wanted to know, since one was being built in their neighborhood.
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