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I work at a physics lab operated by Columbia University. The lab buildings are located on a 57-acre estate once owned by wealthy Westchester families. In 1934 the estate was donated by the DuPont family to Columbia to be used as an arboretum. WWII brought changes to Columbia's use of the property, and it became a particle-physics research facility in 1947.

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I'm going through some personal stuff right now, which is why the title of this post is "Transitions 3"; the other two are private in LiveJournal. Once before, I was going through a hard time and I saw a performance that lifted my spirits. It's happened again.

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This is kind-a sort-a the speech I gave at the memorial service for Isaac Bonewits on Aug 21, 2010:

I'd like to tell you about one way in which Isaac's efforts within the pagan community led to support for others and for himself.

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The Laugh

Feb. 14th, 2010 12:27 am
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When I listed my pleasant memories from the NYRF, I mentioned something for which I'd like to tell the full story.

Let's set the Wayback Machine to 1999. I've been diagnosed with an eye problem that will require surgery. Both the problem and the surgery to correct it are rather "squishy" and I'll spare you the details. I'll also spare you the suspense, since it's not relevant to the story: the procedure was successful and my eyes are fine.

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On the eaves of my booth at the New York Renaissance Faire, I had the following words painted:
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Apr. 19th, 2009 02:29 pm
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I just spent three hours reorganizing my closets in order to make room to store my new yurt.

I could have stayed at Vann's birthday party and watched him paint beautiful women all night.  As of noon the day after, he was still painting!   Meanwhile, I was hefting trunks full of old memories around.

We all have to be responsible for ourselves and our actions.  But still, what's life without a regret or two?

The answer to that question is: an adventure.

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I mentioned in a previous post that I was having trouble giving away the suit I wore at my Ph.D. thesis defense.  I made an analogy with how some folks might treat their wedding dress: it's something I was never going to be able to wear again, but it represented something important it my life.

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In my last two posts, I talked about significant events in my life, and about cleaning out my closets.

There's something I found while cleaning out my closets of old clothing.  I should get rid of it.  I know that will never fit into it again for the rest of my life.  But I find it hard to let them go.

It's the jacket and pants that I wore during my university defense.  They're a size 40 or something like that; I'm presently a size 48-50 and I have little hope of seeing that waistline again.

Aside from that, they're a pale beige in color. Even if I could fit into them, there wouldn't be an occasion to do so.  I wear my tux to weddings; I have some dark clothing for funerals.  I wear a blue jacket at Passover; I'd never wear something light-colored at an occasion where I might spill food on it.

They're taking up useless space in my closet.  If I were to donate them (it turns out that the bins outside the supermarket belong to the Police Youth department), they might serve to keep someone warm.  They could have a purpose.

Sigh. I suppose this is how many women regard their wedding dresses.

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I got tagged by someone on Facebook to write one of these posts.  As is my usual practice, I'll respond to the meme, but I won't tag anyone else to respond.

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