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I have an answer to the issue I discussed in my previous post (I was worried about how my cat, Shadow, would react to a smoke-alarm inspector when I was away). The answer: friends. Isaac ([livejournal.com profile] ibonewits ) has been kind enough to offer to be there during the inspection. Isaac is a cat person, has dealt with Shadow before, and can act a buffer if needed.

Now I can move on to the next thing: planning for my class at Free Spirit. I've got a whole bunch of ideas, but I want to organize them into some coherent form.
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I've previously posted about the hostile attitude that one of my cats, Shadow, has towards strangers. This has me worried again.

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My superintendent has been working to get the heat working properly in my apartment.  He was in here the other day with a plumber.  While they were here, my black cat Shadow got very territorial and attacked the plumber; I just heard about this today.  The plumber is refusing to return to my apartment unless Shadow is locked up.

I wish I could make myself believe that the plumber is making this up.  I can't.  This not the first time people have reported this kind of behavior from Shadow.  I've never seen it myself, since he never acts this way when I'm present.  But when I'm not there, and there's a lot of noise, strange odors, or he just think the person should have been me, he can become vicious, angry, and attack people's legs.

I'm both disappointed and angry with Shadow.  Yes, I know he's just a cat.  But incidents like this can be serious.  I know that he can't do anything worse than give someone a nasty scratch, but other people don't know that.  Folks have been sued for less. The outcome of such situations often is that the animal involved has to be put to sleep.

As I'm typing this, he's coming over to me to be petted.  How did this cute little black kitten I once held in my hand grow up to be such a bundle of anger?

Anyway, I'll have him locked in my bedroom the next time the plumber visits.  I know what will happen: he'll scratch furiously at the floor at the base of the door, trying to get out, and will tear up the carpeting in the bedroom.  There isn't that much else I can do.


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