May. 27th, 2012 10:14 pm
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I just came back from a trip to California to visit my mother.

I had a medical emergency while I was there. I am so glad Nancy went with me. Without her, things would have been much more complicated.

I'll arrange for more complete medical care during this coming week.

One thing is clear: I can't go to Free Spirit Gathering this year. I've already written them to cancel.
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Sounds boring, doesn't it? But every place has a different vibe and energy. Utica turns out to be more than just a generic upstate NY city.

My impressions:

- The architecture is varied and interesting... and the buildings are clean. I hadn't fully appreciated what living in an area that's not dominated by air pollution can do to an environment. Or maybe the Uticans do a better job of building upkeep than where I live.

- There's definitely a cosmopolitan "feel" to the place. Within a couple of blocks of my hotel, there's a Grace Episcopal Church, a Masonic Temple, a mosque, and a Kosher Deli. (Those who think that last one does not belong in this category do not fully understand Judaism.)

- There's a nice fountain in the middle of the downtown area, surrounded by several benches... and a not a homeless person to be seen. Maybe this sounds petty, but my last trip was to Los Angeles, and that memory still haunts me.

- The main reason I was walking through downtown Utica was to look for a place to have dinner. There were lots of places... but apart from a Chinese take-out and a pizza parlor, they all closed by 3PM. Utica is definitely a breakfast+lunch town, but I guess you eat at home.

- The drive up here: Upstate NY is gorgeous. I'd forgotten how beautiful it is here.

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