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In which I gripe, but still try to count my blessings.

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(This post is part of a series of ruminations on why I'm leaving the New York Ren Faire after 13 years.)

When I got a booth of my own, it marked a watershed in my experience at the Ren Faire.

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I spent the past week at the Free Spirit Gathering in Darlington, MD. I had a good time.

This time was particularly special for me because I camped with the members of the Wicca group I teach. I've camped with members of my "clan" before; people who either trained with me or were taught by the same teacher(s). This was the first time I camped with a network of folks whom I had brought together. It felt good.

Unfortunately, the journey home from Free Spirit was not so pleasant.
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Tomorrow I head off for a five-day camping trip.

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Apr. 19th, 2009 02:29 pm
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I just spent three hours reorganizing my closets in order to make room to store my new yurt.

I could have stayed at Vann's birthday party and watched him paint beautiful women all night.  As of noon the day after, he was still painting!   Meanwhile, I was hefting trunks full of old memories around.

We all have to be responsible for ourselves and our actions.  But still, what's life without a regret or two?

The answer to that question is: an adventure.

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I just got finished writing an overly self-indulgent post, but that wasn't the reason I visited LiveJournal today.  My original intent was to write about giving away garb.

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